Frog or Finish ’15: The results

Frog or Finish ’15* is complete! I’ve either finished or ripped the majority of my current projects. There is one remaining that fits in neither category, as it should be. I’ll come back to that later.


This scarf, which I made with two strands of DK held together and cast on 31 stitches which was PLENTY. I used 4.5mm needles. As I’ve mentioned, it’s for my mum.

2015-01-30 11.58.21

It’s a beast, at 6 ft 1 inch (that’s 73 inches or 185.5cm).

2015-01-30 12.02.43

And these socks (‘A Nice Ribbed Sock’), which I’ve been knitting since LAST JULY. The curse of second sock syndrome.

2015-01-30 12.45.10

They look even better on Nath’s feet, which is who they were made for:

2015-01-30 20.01.37


This¬†jumper (‘Poolside’) which does not work as well with acrylic as it does with alpaca (funnily enough). I was in the process of trying to undo the cable cast-on to re-do the neckline. Don’t do this. It is better to give up on the whole thing than try to undo the cable cast-on. So fiddly. I wish I’d done a provisional cast-on just in case!

I was getting fed up of knitting the rest of it and I’d only got to the armpits. It had to go.

A moment of silence for Poolside please

A moment of silence for Poolside please

This sky scarf using this scarf pattern. A sky scarf was a lovely idea when I began this project in January 2013, but it has lost it’s charm somewhere between the tiny rows of lace using 4 ply yarn, the tangly balls and the endless pages of sky colours waiting to be crossed off.

So long, sky scarf. It was good while it lasted.

So long, sky scarf. It was good while it lasted.


As with most supposed dichotomies, there are things that fit into neither camp. This sock yarn blanket is a project that I’m not planning on finishing any time soon, but I’m happy to have it ticking over between other projects, using leftover yarns and giving me time to ponder the next project I want to tackle. It was a project passed on to me from the talented cartoonist Cassian who makes Poly in Pictures.

Screenshot 2015-02-01 12.11.23

So… what next?!

*I got this idea from here, and I’ve no idea where it originates. Anyone?


Sky Scarf and Tangly Balls

At the start of 2013, I decided to knit a ‘Sky Scarf’, using the same lacy baktus pattern that this person chose for theirs.


Not all of the items in the picture are knitting related. Our house is a mess.

It’s probably too small to see, but that checklist says May 2013. Yes, I’m aware it’s now October. Yes, I’m five months behind on knitting this.

At the start of the year I had a lovely routine in the morning of looking at the sky, choosing my colour, and knitting my two rows for that day. It took the place for me that meditation occupies for some people. I had a chance to ease myself into the day with some calm, fairly easy knitting.

The fairly easy part was deceptive. The pattern I’m following is simple enough, garter stitch with eyelet rows and gradual increases then decreases to create a triangular scarf. The difficult part is the sheer number of colours I have hanging off this thing, and carrying up the side.

Next time I decide to knit something with five colours at once somebody stop me! The sky scarf is currently around 50% knitting and 50% detangling my balls (lol). So it is frustrating and slow progress. Hence, May 2013.

My strategy is to knit on it until I feel like sticking pins in my eyes and then put off any work on it for as long as possible, by which point the yarn is more tangled than ever. I don’t know how it gets tangled just sitting there on the corner of the table, I think perhaps the knitting elves tangle it while I’m sleeping to punish me for not working on it. I will aim to complete it by the end of¬†next year. Sky Scarf 2013 2014.