2015 round up

Here’s everything I knitted and crocheted in 2015, complete with links to patterns. As I haven’t updated for a while there are several new finished objects towards the end of the post, including Wee Lima and some baby hats, as well as an ‘ugh’ and what I’m working on now!

No-purl ribbed scarf:

2015-01-30 12.02.43

A nice ribbed sock:

2015-01-30 20.01.37

Crochet baby hoodie:

2015-02-08 13.27.58

Ode to pinstriping:

2015-09-01 22.37.35

Floral slouchy hat:

2015-10-02 20.25.40

Wee lima:

2015-10-02 23.07.43

Purl stripes baby hat:

2015-10-11 19.07.50

Strawberry (or blueberry) hat:

2015-12-28 21.09.47

This is my recent ‘ugh’, which was based on Chanelette but with a waffle stitch pattern instead. I gave up on it because it came out completely the wrong proportions. I’m kind of heartbroken about all the time I put into it. It was meant to be for my niece:

2015-12-28 21.07.42

As my niece’s favourite colours are pink and yellow, my replacement project for her that I’m now working on is a rose cardigan in this lovely buttercup yellow cotton:

2015-12-31 12.06.44

The other special project I’m working on is also coming along nicely. Just one more month to go!

2015-12-23 10.17.12

Happy new year and happy knitting xx


Ode to Pinstriping and much more!

It’s been a while so I’ve got lots to show you! A finished object, projects on the go, a knitting book and a new cardi for me!

I’ve finished this sweet little blue cardigan for my newborn-to-be and I’m delighted with it. The pattern is Ode to Pinstriping and it is free on Ravelry.

2015-09-01 22.37.35

2015-09-01 22.45.25 2015-09-01 22.45.05

I’ve got a few other projects on the go at the moment as well. A crochet blanket and a little knit sweater (wee lima) also for the baby:

2015-09-19 14.27.50 2015-09-03 14.15.26

What else? Oh I got a knitted doggies book for a friend which has these gems in it. It’s Knitted Dogs and Puppies by Sue Stratford and includes these bizarre delights:

2015-09-12 15.29.48

I also treated myself to a maternity cardigan off eBay which I scandalously did not knit myself but has beautiful lace edging. It’s this one.

2015-09-18 13.12.37

I hope your Christmas knitting is going well. I haven’t got ANY Christmas knitting planned this year because I am all about the baby knitting and crochet in preparation for February!

Finished! Dorchester Countryside Mitts

I just finished these and I am really excited about them for several reasons!

Reason the first – They are for ME! I very rarely knit things for myself, so it seems surreal but very satisfying. I was able to weave the ends in and slip them straight on!

Reason the second – I think they turned out super pretty:


Reason the third – They are a really nice fit and just perfect for what I want them for because I made a couple of adaptations to the pattern:

I made them skinny through the wrist so that they actually hug my arms, which feels lovely and warm.

I made the hand part short, switching to ribbing almost immediately after the thumb so I can wear them while knitting without all that extra material getting in the way. Hoorah!

Oh, and Reason the fourth – They almost match exactly and that was totally a happy accident.


The Bread and Butter of Knitting

My latest completed project is a black 2×2 rib scarf (knit 2, purl 2). I haven’t got any photos of the finished item, because I often forget with gifts to take some before I give them away! I’m sure you can use your imagination for this one. The ribbing made the knitted material nice and cosy, and the final object was a good length for wrapping round or pulling snugly through in a loop.

I think scarves and ribbing are like the bread and butter of knitting. There are so many possibilities with a scarf, ranging from complex lacy works of art to the simple but precious first knit of a garter stitch project or Doctor Who themed labours of love.

Photo credit: Koocheekoo on Flickr

Photo credit: Koocheekoo on Flickr

Photo credit: operatingmanual on Flickr

Photo credit: operatingmanual on Flickr

Photo credit: bad bad magpie on Flickr

Photo credit: bad bad magpie on Flickr

Photo credit: Jorth on Flickr

Photo credit: Jorth on Flickr

I admit that there were moments partway through my own recent scarf knitting that I felt as though I had fallen down the knitting rabbit hole. I was working away at it but it seemed like the scarf was staying the same size. Due to this and its dark hue, my friends and I started calling it the occult scarf, as it appeared to have magical stitch swallowing properties.

Ribbing and simple scarf knitting at it’s best though can be rhythmic and soothing, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee and a chat with friends.

Photo credit: hurrayic

Photo credit: hurrayic

Under Suspicion

The other day, I bounced into the kitchen, very happy from finishing knitting this cute little cardie:


Nath was cooking potatoes for a veggie sausage casserole I was making and he looked at me, standing there all grinny and said suspiciously “having you been buying more yarn?”.

Honestly, I don’t know where he gets these ideas from.

And then, after I said no and continued grinning he felt the need to inquire… “Have you?” No!

Not since earlier that day, as he witnessed, it was half price! I’m no fool, Debbie Bliss at half price has to be taken advantage of and I only bought two balls:



Wool in the Blood

My one and a half year old niece, Ivy, tried to pull the yarn I was knitting with away from me the other day. Obviously I was thrilled to see that the love of knitting (or crochet, I’m open minded!) runs in the family, and I wasn’t worried at all about losing stitches. I wasn’t about to pry those little pudgy fingers from their clutch on that soft ball of bright green yarn, but thankfully my sister did and the cardigan survived and became this pretty thing: