We are family – I got all my knitters with me

You know that feeling you get when you talk to other people that love what you love? It makes you love it more, it boosts and inspires you, you get advice and get to share some tips of your own?

Today was one of those days and I feel super lucky that I have people like that in my own family. Me and my mum and my sister were dorking out about knitting and my mum’s yarn delivery unexpectedly arrived, so we crowded round oohing and aahing while she opened it. #nerds

It was lovely 100% cotton to make summer tops for her granddaughter (my niece), I can’t wait to see the results.

Here’s me and my sis clicking away on the needles:

2015-01-23 12.16.06

My sister is working on a sweet spring/summer dress for the little one. This photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s a lovely shade of green.

Why yes, this scarf IS coming along nicely, thanks for noticing! It’s just the last little bit that seems to be dragging. I knit another 5 inches and then decide it needs at least another 5 inches.

My mum tried it on today and the colour suits her beautifully. Hopefully that’s given me the motivation I need to finish it pronto so she gets it before this cold snap is over.

Speaking of cold snap, I had a fun time today with the boiler packing up right at the start of one of the coldest weekends in the last year. Thankfully someone came out quickly and got it going again! So relieved! I thought for a moment I was going to have to burrow into my yarn stash for warmth. Who knows when I would have been seen again…



Wrapping knitted gifts: An illustrated guide

As I throw myself into the dark abyss that is Christmas knitting, yet again having set myself an impossible amount to do by December 25th, I turn my thoughts to how the hell I’m going to wrap these things should I successfully complete them on time.

As I see it, there are three main options:

Option 1 – Cheat


Option 2 – Cheat creatively

Imagine their joy when they discover it's not 72 Weetabix after all.

Imagine their joy when they discover it’s not 72 Weetabix after all.

Option 3 – Just go with it

Don't you knowi it's what's inside that counts?

Don’t you know it’s what is inside that counts?

My thoughts are with every knitter at this most frantic time of year. Good luck!

Wool News

I visited a place called Wool while on holiday in Dorset recently.

There are no yarn shops in Wool. I know, I was disappointed too. I had been forewarned that this was the case by Google Maps before I left home (of course I checked), but I had to see it for myself to believe it.

I think I speak for all knitters when I say they’re missing a trick here. I mean, think of the numbers of knitting (and crochet!) lovers that must visit in droves to get their own dorky photo like I did:

2013-09-20 12.44.39

In front of the railway station sign. Imagine how much yarn they could sell!

My partner, Nath, thinks I am slightly delusional about the numbers of ‘normal for knitters’ types out there like me, who would ride pillion on a motorbike in the rain for forty minutes to go to a village in the middle of no where to get a picture with a sign.

Perhaps. But think of the visitor numbers if there *was* a yarn shop there. Huh? Yeah.

The Joy of Wool

Hello, my name is Tracey, and I have a very normal relationship with yarn. Just kidding!

Tracey snuggling a ball of Dishie Worsted Cotton

My knitterly love is what my wool-adoring friends and I call “normal for a knitter”. It may seems strange to outsiders, but for those of us in the stitchy cult, er I mean club, it is completely understandable to be spending *that much* on a ball or two of Noro.

Completely rational wool debt aside, I know many knitters who, like me, can’t pass a yarn shop without going inside, take several knitting projects with them on any trip “just in case”, and scoff when their partners suggest they “don’t need knitting to go to the cinema” (although in fairness I underestimated how interesting Elysium would be and totally ballsed up that simple ribbed scarf).

I’ve started this blog to share my knitting love with the world (the modern day equivalent of singing from the rooftops, I suppose?) and to lower the risk of me driving the non knitters in my life away with my constant yarn related chatter. It will be an outlet for me and I hope it puts me in touch with lots of other people out there who understand the joy of needles, wool, and swearing at complicated lace charts.