I’m KNITTING again!


I’m knitting again! This is exciting for lots of reasons (obviously knitting is ALWAYS exciting) but it’s especially exciting for me because:

1. I knitted and crocheted too much last year and gave myself RSI so I had to stop knitting for what has felt like FOREVER. For the first time today I was able to knit more than one row without pain. Hooray! My knitting ban may be over, I just need to take it easy and built up gradually so it doesn’t happen again.

2. I’m a big fan of knitting for little ones. Knitting for newborns especially is always exciting and a lot of love goes into every stitch formed on the needles. For the first time now I get to knit for my own future newborn, who is due in February next year. Here’s a glimpse of the little cardi I’m working on: