Knitting at Work

When I’m not knitting and blogging about knitting, I spend some of my time volunteering at a charity bookshop.


I LOVE books.

All the proceeds go to the resource centre upstairs, which helps people with mental health problems and those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.



You might notice that there is something missing from these pictures – customers. The shop is down a side road in a sleepy town and tends to be quiet. This is fine because it is entirely run by volunteers and we are still able to make a nice amount towards the rent of the building.

…And it means that there’s heaps of time for knitting! I wanted to write about the experience of knitting at work because I get a lot of interested comments from customers, many of them non-knitters. They say it’s nice to see someone knitting and are curious about how it works and what I’m making.


Yes, those are my Dorchester Countryside Mitts I’m wearing while I work on my new, top secret project!

I think it’s also a good idea in a quiet shop to be doing something that shows I’m available to help while not staring at people that want to browse. We are quite desperate for people to make purchases, but it never helps to look desperate, you know? 🙂


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