Finished! Dorchester Countryside Mitts

I just finished these and I am really excited about them for several reasons!

Reason the first – They are for ME! I very rarely knit things for myself, so it seems surreal but very satisfying. I was able to weave the ends in and slip them straight on!

Reason the second – I think they turned out super pretty:


Reason the third – They are a really nice fit and just perfect for what I want them for because I made a couple of adaptations to the pattern:

I made them skinny through the wrist so that they actually hug my arms, which feels lovely and warm.

I made the hand part short, switching to ribbing almost immediately after the thumb so I can wear them while knitting without all that extra material getting in the way. Hoorah!

Oh, and Reason the fourth – They almost match exactly and that was totally a happy accident.




Whatever you want to call it, a Stitch n Bitch, a Knit and Natter, a Mass Craftsplosion of Joy, I’m a great lover of the crafting circle. Lucky for me I have some excellent and creative friends to share this with.

I hosted a crafty get together on Saturday and it was great. There’s always a variety of crafts going on and this time was no different, including knitting and zine making (another of my occupations).


Ana (on the floor) there is decorating  a shoebox I gave her to start her own ‘crafting box’. I’m a bit of a pusher when it comes to paper craft/craft supplies/anything crafty, and I was re-organising my paper crafts box when she popped round for coffee the other day. Seeing all the goodies on display inspired her so I provided her with a shoebox ‘in case’ 😀 muh hah hah

It was a sunny, fun afternoon and I had a brilliant time. This week I am under the weather with a rotten cold and those happies from the weekend are helping me get by!

Knitting at Work

When I’m not knitting and blogging about knitting, I spend some of my time volunteering at a charity bookshop.


I LOVE books.

All the proceeds go to the resource centre upstairs, which helps people with mental health problems and those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.



You might notice that there is something missing from these pictures – customers. The shop is down a side road in a sleepy town and tends to be quiet. This is fine because it is entirely run by volunteers and we are still able to make a nice amount towards the rent of the building.

…And it means that there’s heaps of time for knitting! I wanted to write about the experience of knitting at work because I get a lot of interested comments from customers, many of them non-knitters. They say it’s nice to see someone knitting and are curious about how it works and what I’m making.


Yes, those are my Dorchester Countryside Mitts I’m wearing while I work on my new, top secret project!

I think it’s also a good idea in a quiet shop to be doing something that shows I’m available to help while not staring at people that want to browse. We are quite desperate for people to make purchases, but it never helps to look desperate, you know? 🙂

Occult Scarf Pic and A Mitten Update

I have managed to find an ‘in progress’ picture of the elusive and recently completed black ribbed scarf for your viewing pleasure, hooray!


Now for an update on the mittens!

The pattern I’m using (girl gift mitts) says they are a suitable size for 6-10 year olds. Apparently my hands and wrists are smaller than a 6-10 year old’s because I have been stealthily* reducing my needle size every few rows as I progress towards the hand of mitten 1 and keep trying it on and keep finding it too large.**


Isn’t it pretty? I love the way the yarn is striping.

I’m loathe to rip back, as I ripped back the start once already and this yarn (adriafil knitcol) does NOT like being ripped back and reknit. Merino is hoity toity like that.

*Maybe ‘stealthily’ is a little optimistic, but I’ll make the other one match and we’ll tell ourselves it looks like part of the pattern, okay?

**Just to clarify, as far as I can tell so far this is a very good (and free!) pattern and I honestly do have very tiny hands and wrists – I don’t want anyone to think I’m dissing the designer!

That New Project Feeling

Squeeee, is there anything better than when you’ve got your yarn, needles and pattern laid out in front of you and you’re about to cast on a new project?


These are the mitts I plan to make with this lovely, colourful 100% merino yarn (adriafil knitcol DK), which you might recognise as souvenir yarn that I got on our lovely holiday near Dorchester last Autumn. The colours are the colours of the countryside that surrounded our cottage, so they’ll be called the Dorchester Countryside Mitts – and for once, this project is for me!

The Bread and Butter of Knitting

My latest completed project is a black 2×2 rib scarf (knit 2, purl 2). I haven’t got any photos of the finished item, because I often forget with gifts to take some before I give them away! I’m sure you can use your imagination for this one. The ribbing made the knitted material nice and cosy, and the final object was a good length for wrapping round or pulling snugly through in a loop.

I think scarves and ribbing are like the bread and butter of knitting. There are so many possibilities with a scarf, ranging from complex lacy works of art to the simple but precious first knit of a garter stitch project or Doctor Who themed labours of love.

Photo credit: Koocheekoo on Flickr

Photo credit: Koocheekoo on Flickr

Photo credit: operatingmanual on Flickr

Photo credit: operatingmanual on Flickr

Photo credit: bad bad magpie on Flickr

Photo credit: bad bad magpie on Flickr

Photo credit: Jorth on Flickr

Photo credit: Jorth on Flickr

I admit that there were moments partway through my own recent scarf knitting that I felt as though I had fallen down the knitting rabbit hole. I was working away at it but it seemed like the scarf was staying the same size. Due to this and its dark hue, my friends and I started calling it the occult scarf, as it appeared to have magical stitch swallowing properties.

Ribbing and simple scarf knitting at it’s best though can be rhythmic and soothing, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee and a chat with friends.

Photo credit: hurrayic

Photo credit: hurrayic