The Big Christmas Knitting Post

Just realised it’s nearly the end of January and I haven’t been on to show off my Christmas knitting that I had to keep oh so secret for so long!

Here’s the goods:

Cotton Facecloths

Cotton Facecloths


Dashes of colour

Diagonal waves

Waffle Stitch

Emily's Teddy Bear Earwarmer

Emily’s Teddy Bear Earwarmer

Improvised by combining this earwarmer pattern and this teddy ears pattern.

Dad's Mittens

Dad’s Mittens

Knit in the round with this pattern.

Emma's Mittens

Emma’s Mittens

Knit flat with this pattern.

Wendy's Princess Leia Hat

Wendy’s Princess Leia Hat



This hat is from a book called Knits for Nerds, which is written by a rollergirl! Ravelry link to pattern is here.


2 thoughts on “The Big Christmas Knitting Post

  1. Love the Teddy earwarmers and the Princess Leia hat they both look amazing!

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