Yarn Procurement Expedition/Holiday Part 2

When I told James I wanted to visit Bridport, I sold it by saying it was near the seaside and there was a flea market that I was sure would be interesting. He knew, and I knew that he knew, that really I wanted to go to Bridport Yarns.

Click here to go and drool at the pics of the shop on their website and please, please come back. I know it’s hard to tear yourself away. It’s even harder in real life.

We casually strolled through the town, my eyes peeled at all times for a glimpse of the yarn shop that I had built up in my mind as a place of great wonder.

Bridport is pretty cool:



Want any second hand butter knives? No? How about some marbles?

A blue house with window boxes full of flowers

… and Bridport Yarns lived up to my expectations, it was beautiful. They have a huge range, including local wools and their own brand range, and the whole place has a lovely cosy feel to it. The yarn was displayed in baskets and overflowing from chests of drawers as well as the usual cubbyholes. I loved it. I think I scared the person who sold me the yarn a bit by threatening to move in, but never mind, you want to see what I got, right?!

Rowan Summerspun in greens


KnitCol in greens and blues

….aaaahhh. (That’s KnitCol 100% Merino.)

I’m really excited about the merino in particular, because I wanted souvenir yarn and these are the colours of the place we were staying. It was a little cottage converted from a milking parlour, nestled in a cloudy valley with cows milling around.

And THEN we went to the seaside:


Don’t worry, we stowed the yarn safely before riding off 🙂


One thought on “Yarn Procurement Expedition/Holiday Part 2

  1. […] yarn (adriafil knitcol DK), which you might recognise as souvenir yarn that I got on our lovely holiday near Dorchester last Autumn. The colours are the colours of the countryside that surrounded our cottage, so […]

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