Wool News

I visited a place called Wool while on holiday in Dorset recently.

There are no yarn shops in Wool. I know, I was disappointed too. I had been forewarned that this was the case by Google Maps before I left home (of course I checked), but I had to see it for myself to believe it.

I think I speak for all knitters when I say they’re missing a trick here. I mean, think of the numbers of knitting (and crochet!) lovers that must visit in droves to get their own dorky photo like I did:

2013-09-20 12.44.39

In front of the railway station sign. Imagine how much yarn they could sell!

My partner, Nath, thinks I am slightly delusional about the numbers of ‘normal for knitters’ types out there like me, who would ride pillion on a motorbike in the rain for forty minutes to go to a village in the middle of no where to get a picture with a sign.

Perhaps. But think of the visitor numbers if there *was* a yarn shop there. Huh? Yeah.


2 thoughts on “Wool News

  1. would definitely visit if there was nice wool to browse.

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