Socktober Problems

“Why doesn’t mine look like the picture?” is something I think far too often about my knitting.

Here’s what I was aiming for:


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Time for a medicinal glass of wine, I believe.


Yarn Procurement Expedition/Holiday Part 2

When I told James I wanted to visit Bridport, I sold it by saying it was near the seaside and there was a flea market that I was sure would be interesting. He knew, and I knew that he knew, that really I wanted to go to Bridport Yarns.

Click here┬áto go and drool at the pics of the shop on their website and please, please come back. I know it’s hard to tear yourself away. It’s even harder in real life.

We casually strolled through the town, my eyes peeled at all times for a glimpse of the yarn shop that I had built up in my mind as a place of great wonder.

Bridport is pretty cool:



Want any second hand butter knives? No? How about some marbles?

A blue house with window boxes full of flowers

… and Bridport Yarns lived up to my expectations, it was beautiful. They have a huge range, including local wools and their own brand range, and the whole place has a lovely cosy feel to it. The yarn was displayed in baskets and overflowing from chests of drawers as well as the usual cubbyholes. I loved it. I think I scared the person who sold me the yarn a bit by threatening to move in, but never mind, you want to see what I got, right?!

Rowan Summerspun in greens


KnitCol in greens and blues

….aaaahhh. (That’s KnitCol 100% Merino.)

I’m really excited about the merino in particular, because I wanted souvenir yarn and these are the colours of the place we were staying. It was a little cottage converted from a milking parlour, nestled in a cloudy valley with cows milling around.

And THEN we went to the seaside:


Don’t worry, we stowed the yarn safely before riding off ­čÖé

Yarn Procurement Expedition/Holiday Part 1

I still have to tell you all about my recent  yarn procurement expedition holiday in Dorset!

We visited Swanage to go to the yarn shop ride on the steam trains and visit the seaside:

Steam Train


Had a bit of a break from my yarn diet, because everyone knows that diets don’t count when you’re on holiday, and picked up these beauties at the yarn shop we just happened to stumble across:

Smiley Stripes


The people there were really friendly, so if you’re in the area you should pop in:

The Wool and Craft Shop, Swanage

I highly recommend the steam trains as well! Chuff chuff chuff!

Sky Scarf and Tangly Balls

At the start of 2013, I decided to knit a ‘Sky Scarf’, using the same lacy baktus pattern that this person chose for theirs.


Not all of the items in the picture are knitting related. Our house is a mess.

It’s probably too small to see, but that checklist says May 2013. Yes, I’m aware it’s now October. Yes, I’m five months behind on knitting this.

At the start of the year I had a lovely routine in the morning of looking at the sky, choosing my colour, and knitting my two rows for that day. It took the place for me that meditation occupies for some people. I had a chance to ease myself into the day with some calm, fairly easy knitting.

The fairly easy part was deceptive. The pattern I’m following is simple enough, garter stitch with eyelet rows and gradual increases then decreases to create a triangular scarf. The difficult part is the sheer number of colours I have hanging off this thing, and carrying up the side.

Next time I decide to knit something with five colours at once somebody stop me! The sky scarf is currently around 50% knitting and 50% detangling my balls (lol). So it is frustrating and slow progress. Hence, May 2013.

My strategy is to knit on it until I feel like sticking pins in my eyes and then put off any work on it for as long as possible, by which point the yarn is more tangled than ever. I don’t know how it gets tangled just sitting there on the corner of the table, I think perhaps the knitting elves tangle it while I’m sleeping to punish me for not working on it. I will aim to complete it by the end of┬ánext year. Sky Scarf 2013 2014.

Under Suspicion

The other day, I bounced into the kitchen, very happy from finishing knitting this cute little cardie:


Nath was cooking potatoes for a veggie sausage casserole I was making and he looked at me, standing there all grinny and said suspiciously “having you been buying more yarn?”.

Honestly, I don’t know where he gets these ideas from.

And then, after I said no and continued grinning he felt the need to inquire… “Have you?” No!

Not since earlier that day, as he witnessed, it was half price! I’m no fool, Debbie Bliss at half price has to be taken advantage of and I only bought two balls:



Wool in the Blood

My one and a half year old niece, Ivy, tried to pull the yarn I was knitting with away from me the other day. Obviously I was thrilled to see that the love of knitting (or crochet, I’m open minded!) runs in the family, and I wasn’t worried at all about losing stitches. I wasn’t about to pry those little pudgy fingers from their clutch on that soft ball of bright green yarn, but thankfully my sister did and the cardigan survived and became this pretty thing: