A Load of Waffle

As I lay awake, unable to sleep because I was wondering what knitting to take on holiday with me, I pondered my recent waffle stitch addiction.

The particular waffle stitch in question is called ‘double bump’, and my infatuation began with the double bump dishcloth (though mine’s a washcloth, Dishie worsted cotton is just too lovely for scrubbing plates):

Double Bump Facecloth

It began with a washcloth and it continued with… Another washcloth, also in Dishie cotton but this time in the delightful ‘maps’ colourway:

Double Bump Facecloth in Map Colours

I’d never made washcloths before and I was seduced by how quickly they knit up, so satisfying. I didn’t even resent weaving the ends in (something I usually loathe with a fiery passion).

I’ve now moved on! To a double bump baby cardigan:


This is a mish mash of a couple of different patterns (the Provence Baby Cardigan and the Double Bump Dishcloth), along with me knitting the button bands as I go instead of picking up stitches and adding it at the end (because life’s too short for picking up stitches unless it’s absolutely unavoidable).

I’ve made the back and most of the front of this toddler cardie and I’m not even sick of this stitch pattern yet. I mean, I resent it a bit, but it’s a love hate thing. I enjoy the stitch pattern and I also enjoy hating it because I’ve been knitting it for the last three projects. You know how you have a weird soft spot for that recurring villain on your favourite TV programme? It’s like that. I enjoy booing the double bump as I flip it over to begin ‘just one more repeat before I put it down for a while’. Totally addictive.


4 thoughts on “A Load of Waffle

  1. One of those wash cloths is going to find my way into the shower soon….

  2. Wow they’re super neat!

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