Sock knitting, moving house and Scarf Lady

Today I’m working on some lovely socks for my partner. I love this colour yarn and I’m really excited to get them done as I think they’ll really suit Nath.

One and a half handknitted socks

One and a half handknitted socks

I haven’t been knitting as much lately because I’m in the process of moving out of my current house into a flat on my own. I’m going to try to make more time for knitting in the coming weeks because actually it’s time well spent to unwind and focus on something else, recharge my batteries for the next list of things I need to do.

I hate packing

I hate packing

When I’m feeling stressed out, I talk to my friends and they tell me how awesome my new flat is going to be. I worry about living alone, and they say “but think of your flat, it’s going to be full of yarn!”. It’s funny that so many people have said this to me independently of one another. It’s true that knitting and yarn are a comfort to me, though my stash is big enough, and I’ve got visions of people popping round to see the new place and balls of wool tumbling out the front door when I open it. One step closer to my dream of being Scarf Lady when I grow older!

Scarf Lady from children's cartoon Sarah and Duck

Sarah and Duck confronted with the leftover yarn monster

Sarah and Duck meet a sentient pile of leftover yarn in Scarf Lady’s house

The new place is a bit of a state at the moment and I have just a week until I move in. It’s unlikely I’ll have a kitchen floor before I’m actually living there! Here are some pics of the chaos:

Kitchen with no floor

Kitchen with no floor

Save time in the morning, cook breakfast from the bath!

Save time in the morning, cook breakfast from the bath!

It’s going to take a lot of yarn to get me through this :’D

Sewing (AKA not-knitting II)

Lately it’s been too warm for me to knit because I didn’t want to risk a flare up of heat rash on my hands :(

I miss it and I’m looking forward to Autumn days curled up with tea and knitting – but in the mean time there is Summer! And this Summer there is Sewing!

I made some cushion covers for my sister’s new place from her left over curtain fabric:

20140713_153020 20140713_173247

And a little pinafore dress for my niece with different curtain remnants (just like in The Sound of Music!) and some cupcake fabric remnants I had lying around:



I'm pretty sure this is the pic I took of the bit I did wrong, and had to re-do.

Error! I had to peel these interfaced pieces apart and sew them together correctly.



Knitting is on the cards shortly and I’ve got a sweet pic of my yarn stash to look forward to for next time! Till then, happy stitchin. xx




I’ve been cheating on knitting with other crafts! I’ve been spending time making zines and teaching myself to do embroidery:

bi but not binary book bus ice king

and even crochet! Yes I know I used to say crochet is stupid and I still say that quite a lot when it goes wrong. I only said it was stupid cause I couldn’t do it, of course. Now I can! (Sort of). Not many pics of crochet things because they are to be gifts but here’s a sneaky peek at a baby bootee:


I’ve been trawling Ravelry today so my love affair with knitting is set to resume shortly :) what can I say, I have a lot of love to give. xx

Finished! Dorchester Countryside Mitts

I just finished these and I am really excited about them for several reasons!

Reason the first – They are for ME! I very rarely knit things for myself, so it seems surreal but very satisfying. I was able to weave the ends in and slip them straight on!

Reason the second - I think they turned out super pretty:


Reason the third – They are a really nice fit and just perfect for what I want them for because I made a couple of adaptations to the pattern:

I made them skinny through the wrist so that they actually hug my arms, which feels lovely and warm.

I made the hand part short, switching to ribbing almost immediately after the thumb so I can wear them while knitting without all that extra material getting in the way. Hoorah!

Oh, and Reason the fourth - They almost match exactly and that was totally a happy accident.



Whatever you want to call it, a Stitch n Bitch, a Knit and Natter, a Mass Craftsplosion of Joy, I’m a great lover of the crafting circle. Lucky for me I have some excellent and creative friends to share this with.

I hosted a crafty get together on Saturday and it was great. There’s always a variety of crafts going on and this time was no different, including knitting and zine making (another of my occupations).


Ana (on the floor) there is decorating  a shoebox I gave her to start her own ‘crafting box’. I’m a bit of a pusher when it comes to paper craft/craft supplies/anything crafty, and I was re-organising my paper crafts box when she popped round for coffee the other day. Seeing all the goodies on display inspired her so I provided her with a shoebox ‘in case’ :D muh hah hah

It was a sunny, fun afternoon and I had a brilliant time. This week I am under the weather with a rotten cold and those happies from the weekend are helping me get by!

Knitting at Work

When I’m not knitting and blogging about knitting, I spend some of my time volunteering at a charity bookshop.


I LOVE books.

All the proceeds go to the resource centre upstairs, which helps people with mental health problems and those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.



You might notice that there is something missing from these pictures – customers. The shop is down a side road in a sleepy town and tends to be quiet. This is fine because it is entirely run by volunteers and we are still able to make a nice amount towards the rent of the building.

…And it means that there’s heaps of time for knitting! I wanted to write about the experience of knitting at work because I get a lot of interested comments from customers, many of them non-knitters. They say it’s nice to see someone knitting and are curious about how it works and what I’m making.


Yes, those are my Dorchester Countryside Mitts I’m wearing while I work on my new, top secret project!

I think it’s also a good idea in a quiet shop to be doing something that shows I’m available to help while not staring at people that want to browse. We are quite desperate for people to make purchases, but it never helps to look desperate, you know? :)